Our winemaking philosophy is more about accompanying rather than forcing things. 
The vines of Masseto seem to be continuously struggling with the elements. Such a place must be carefully managed by man’s hand, to sustain it without adding any further stress. In the winery, minimum intervention is the keyword. The extraordinarily concentrated grapes need no sophisticated winemaking but simple operations.

“Creating Masseto is always like going on stage for the first time. A continuous combination of emotions.”

Gaia Cinnirella, Winemaker and Cellar Master
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At Masseto, we try to do as little as possible to the wines. Our goal is simply to capture the essence of nature and take it to the highest level. This is about an amazing, very challenging, vineyard and wine made with great simplicity.

We have tanks. We have barrels. We have gravity flow. And we have people who care about the wine. That’s it. This is all there is. This is our philosophy.

Approaching the future with attention, respect, and creativity. 
This philosophy encapsulates a balanced productive relationship with the land where we work and a genuine interaction with the local community.
Respecting nature, a source of both inspiration and origins of our wines, is central to our commitments.

Growing responsibly, with respect for the environment, means guaranteeing a future for our land, hence for future generations. Protecting the environment, rational use of energy and innovation form the basis for our business decisions.


To pay tribute to the winery and the raw challenges of the Masseto vineyard, renowned Italian film maker Yuri Ancarani made the film “The Aura of Masseto”.

“Masseto is a unique and magical place, surrounded by forests and caressed by sea breezes on hot summer days. A land which is blessed with the presence of blue clay, giving Masseto its unmistakable character.”

Ferdinando Frescobaldi, President

For 700 years the Frescobaldi family has combined tradition and experience with creativity and the pursuit of excellence. The family has always looked to develop and celebrate the diversity of Tuscany’s terroir, being proud owners of some of the greatest vineyards in this region.

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