On Italy’s Tuscan coast, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, where the ancient Greeks believed the four divine winds of the god Aeolus met, Masseto sits in a protective sweep of the Bolgheri hills.
Around the vineyard grows a wild profusion of Mediterranean maritime umbrella pines, groves of gnarled olive trees and ‘macchia’, that typically Tuscan blend of shrubs and bushes.

Sprung from confidence, faith and the belief that great wine can alter the course of peoples’ lives and shape their dreams.


Masseto is anchored in the mists of geological time and bears witness to the age-old convulsions of land and sea in the heart of the Mediterranean area. Masseto belongs to that geography that is a geology first and foremost. Rooted in the depths of its blue clays.

In the years that followed, seismic forces folded the layers of soil and thus, one of these folds brought up the Pliocene clays, allowing them to see the light again, to enjoy the wind from the sea and to feel the warmth of the sun.

Nature is therefore the first author of Masseto.


It took the genius, stubbornness, and intuition of a few men from different backgrounds to look beyond local winemaking customs and traditions and reveal all the mystery and power of this land.

A viticulture of patience, precision, detail is inspired by the daily, careful observation of the terroir. Vintage after vintage, the team is seeking to reveal this terroir's singularity, from vineyards to the cellar.


Between sky, land and sea, the landscape has the gentleness and the fascinating mystery of the eyes of Etruscan statues. From land to glass, from shadows to light, the same feeling of self-evidence and mystery reigns. Each vintage restores the enigma of the genesis that is revealed when the wine is tasted.