A tribute to craftsmanship

Built to incorporate a gravity flow winemaking process, and benefiting from the blue clay’s natural insulation, the structure of the winery is symbiotic with the hills and vineyard that surround it.
Above ground, only the grape sorting area and the Masseto House can be seen. Grapes are hand sorted on the covered rooftop and then carefully transferred, again by hand, to concrete vinification tanks below. Echoing the internal-external juxtaposition, the tanks, each with a capacity of 65 hectolitres, offer their own visual juxtapositions. Outwardly jagged, the internal shape is of a tulip, a design that ensures the gentlest possible extraction.
The tanks, 12 in total, offer greater vinification flexibility, heightened plot expression and additional complexity in the final blend.
Two barrel rooms, first-year and second-year, as well as an experimental barrel room, offer further micro-vinification and maturation flexibility, making it easier to meet the specific demands of each vintage and every plot.

This allows us to delve even deeper into the secrets held in every part of this terroir.
Axel Heinz, Estate Director