Verify the authenticity of your bottle of Masseto

Starting with the 2010 vintage, an authentication seal is affixed by the Estate to all bottles of Masseto before shipment. This seal includes information pertaining to the specificbottle in question, which is registered in a database accessible to consumers. 

Guaranteed origin and integrity

This seal, developed by Prooftag™, offers dual protection.
- A tamperproof seal on the capsule confirms the origin
  and integrity of the bottle, and clearly shows any attempt to
  alter it.
- The seal has a Bubble Tag™ consisting of a translucent polymer 
  in which a random configuration of bubbles is self-generated by
  physical reaction.
  This unique constellation of bubbles corresponds to a unique
  identifier, just like a fingerprint, for each bottle.
  The Bubble Tag™ is associated with an alphanumeric code and a
  QR code.

Indentify and authenticate your bottles

You can authenticate your bottle whenever you wish by comparing the Bubble Tag™ on the seal with that on the Masseto website.
This new system has been added to the numerous other measures we have taken since the 2001 vintage (laser code, RFID system, personalized bottle) to ensure brand protection.

Enter the bottle's alphanumeric code


or flash your bottle's QR-Code with your smartphone using the I-Proof or Mobiltag application.
In case of problems with the authentication, please contact us:
- by e-mail: 
- by telephone: +39 0565 71811