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The Harvest

One of the most important moments is deciding the date that harvest should start. The Masseto vineyard workers live with the vines which they care for virtually all year around, following them as if they were their own offspring. Their knowledge of the differences of the many plots which compose the mosaic of Masseto vineyard commands respect and allows each one to be treated with care and individuality.. As time leads towards the harvest, the team tastes the grapes repeatedly in order to follow their evolution and arrive at a tailor-made decision as to the best moment to start picking in any given plot. The length of the harvest varies considerably according to the specific plot within the vineyard and can take up to a month from start to finish, usually starting with “Masseto Alto“ and finishing with the “Masseto Centrale”.

“Each year the Masseto harvest is the one that requires the most important vineyard decisions. Masseto is a widely complex vineyard, with three very distinct areas (”Alto”, ”Centrale” and ”Junior”) and, within them an incredible mosaic of single plots which, because of their differing characteristics, behave differently year after year. The agronomist and the enologist work their way along
the rows of vines to determine the characteristics of the vintage and decide when to pick each vineyard block. They are guided both by the impressions garnered from tasting the grapes and by the data derived from the analyses of the grapes. The rule is quite simply: The palate always has the last word!!”
Axel Heinz
Estate Director and Winemaker

Passion and care

Throughout the year, month after month, season after season, the staff literally ”cohabitate with the vines”, following each step of vegetation and securing its proper development.
This care and attention culminates during the harvest.
In this special moment, the grapes are picked, cluster by cluster, during the early hours of the day, when the air is still fresh from the previous night, and handled with extreme care.
This allows to preserve the fragrance of the grapes, enriching the complexity of Masseto’s bouquet.
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