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Masseto Wine

Masseto: What makes its magic?

Is it the uniquely gifted 7 hectare terroir where it is born, its mosaic of small individual plots, and its perfect affinity with Merlot?
Is it the Mediterranean climate where the breezes from the sea  combine so perfectly with the warmth of the sun?
Is it the passion and dedication which drives all those who dedicate their talent and craft to its birth, its creation and development?
Is it the commitment for excellence and obsession about every single detail?
Is it its amazing complexity, its beautifully balanced structure?
Is it  its timeless integrity?
Is it its great rarity?
Is it in the value which it regularly commands at international auction sales?
Is it the  deep and loyal appreciation that it enjoys among its aficionados around the world?
The answers to these questions are the  keys to enter Masseto’s complex world.
But beyond explanations, a vast space will remain open for mystery, discoveries and astonishment.
Masseto is a very special wine, one that simply goes beyond the excellence of the wine. It represents a unique world, a choice that is exquisitely sensitive to the values incarnated by the earth and man’s labors thereon.

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